Some things that changed to way I look at life…

First of all, I bought a 10.00 adapter for my camera, wow, I got so freaking excited about this simple little adapter that allows me to download my pictures from my camera..

The espresso coffee helped me finish the task of spring cleaning outdoors…whew.. The organic eggs is something I’ve wanted to try for awhile, but the fear of brown eggs haunted me🤣 but as you can imagine they are fine…

And Domino is my baby😘 Have a great day… remember being positive is a superpower!

There isn’t a day💞


that I don’t wake up to happy cheerful love💖 Those dogs jump out of bed, tails a waggin.. love that… A nice day in Reno, Nv. It rained last night and a little this morning… A refreshing feeling.. Always good for the earth❤

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